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Z : Définissez correctement votre zone de chalandise. Voyez si elle doit être mesurée en terme isométrique ou isochrone. Comparez le profil de vos consommateurs avec le profil de ceux que nous allez trouver dans la zone de chalandise ou de proximité immédiate. Ceci pour vérifier que vous y trouvez bien vos clients, sinon élargissez la zone. Prenez garde a ce que vos campagnes et vos ciblages ne soient pas trop intrusives et ne se retournent pas contre vous.

Il faudra arriver à une approche commune de tous les acteurs pour que le marché se développe au mieux. Analytics Activation Attribution. Transparency Brand safety.

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Book a demo. Share on linkedin. Share on twitter. Share on facebook. Back to all news. Share this article. Relevant articles. When you use an App that uses our Services such as whose developer has licensed our SDK the developer of the App may allow us to collect certain information at limited intervals about the Device, in particular: Location Data.

Event information about your Device, such as crashes, system activity, and hardware settings.

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System configuration information. We sometimes collect or receive in most cases hashed email addresses or other pseudonymous identifiers associated with those hashes , but in a few cases clear text emails that are voluntarily provided by Consumers, this applies globally except in the EU where we do not collect clear text emails.

For example, when you download and use the Services on a mobile device, we automatically collect information such as your device type, operating system version and type, certain device settings, device time zone, device carrier, current IP address, applications installed on the device, and platform-specific advertising identifiers.

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We may also collect location information, such as your device GPS coordinates, unless you configure your device operating system settings to prevent our collection of location information. Additionally, each time you use the Site we automatically collect the type of web browser you use, your operating system, your Internet Service Provider, your IP address, the pages you view, and the time and duration of your visits to the Site.

We use this information to enhance the services we offer, provide targeted advertising, and to help us understand how people use the Site and Services. When you use an App that uses our Services such as whose developer has licensed our SDK the developer of the App may allow us to collect certain information at limited intervals about the Device, in particular: Inferences from Aggregated Data. We often use the information we collect to make inferences about human location and traffic patterns. For instance, we might notice aggregations of Devices at certain types of locations or venues over time, like concerts, soccer or baseball stadiums, cafes or gyms, and we might use these observations in our products.

We curate these insights into data products. We may append other fields such as venue name, category, dwell timed or ticker symbols to an aggregate group of device IDs to build consumer profiles or to make financial based decisions such as trading on the stock market based off our aggregate panel. By using interest segments, marketers are more likely to be able to send an offer that a consumer is more likely to want and less likely to find annoying.

Aggregated Traffic Patterns and Research.

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We also share the information we receive with other marketing and research companies including advertising platforms , who use the information to provide similar services. This helps these companies to better predict and draw insights about consumer, market or scientific trends related to human movement patterns. This same information may also be licensed to real estate, city planners or smarn t city companies and augmented with fields to create more specific segments. For example if an ggregate group of devices drive vs walk to determine whether to put a bus stop in an area or not or to understand the flow of traffic overtime to determine whether to purchase or not purchase a piece of real estate.

Publisher Insights. Sometimes, we help the Publishers that we work with understand more about the users of their own Apps — using the same types of interest segments we have described above. We will also provide any information that we hold to any entity that purchases x-Mode or all or substantially all of our stock or assets. We likewise may disclose any information in response to a proper governmental request, a subpoena whether civil or criminal or similar process.

To enforce our rights and Terms of Service or other policies, or to investigate any potential violation of those Terms and policies, any potential violation of the law, or to protect ourselves, our customers, or any third party from any potential harm whether tangible or intangible. The information we collect from these Visitors to the Site. We collect voluntarily submitted information.

This includes information such as your name, address, phone number, and email address, if you provide it to us. For instance, you might provide us this information to register for an event, information about our services, or to set up an account on our system in which case you might provide additional information to us, such as about your employer or in some cases, your payment information. Other Information is collected automatically from your device or browser.

We also collect device or browser-based information from your desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or other consumer electronic device that you use to access the Site. This may include technical information about your Device such as the Device type, operating system, settings and system configurations, IP address, Device ID and other unique Device identifiers, and mobile network information and your activity using the X-Mode Site such as data about the webpages you access, traffic to and from websites, the dates and times associated with transactions, web log data, and other event information, including crashes and system activity.

We sometimes use this information for our internal, analytics purposes, such as to understand what products and services Visitors may be interested in, which pages of our Site are most and least popular, and to help us understand how people interact with our Site in other ways. If you have provided your personal contact information to us such as your email address , we may combine this information with the above information, such as to understand how better to serve you.

We or Others May Place Cookies. We and our service providers may place cookies on our Visitors browsers. Cookies are small data files that have unique identifiers and reside on your browser files. Among other things, cookies help us improve and personalize your use of the X-Mode Site.

We may permit certain third parties to place cookies through the Site to provide us with better insights into the use of the Site and user demographics and to provide relevant advertising to you. Using cookies, these third parties, such as online advertising platforms, may collect information about your online activities over time and across different websites, including when you use the Site. You may opt out of this type of retargeting and other types of interest-based advertising by exercising the opt-out choices described in Section 6.

Another example of how we use cookies is that we use Google Analytics to analyze usage patterns for the X-Mode Site. Google Analytics generates a cookie to capture information about your use of the Site that Google uses to compile reports on website activity for us and to provide other related services. Google may use all or a portion of your IP address to identify its cookie and for its commercial purposes. Web Beacons. We use web beacons to deliver cookies, count visits, understand usage and effectiveness of offers, and tell whether you open an email and act upon it.

Consumer Choices and Opt-Out Options. You can manage certain collection and sharing of information in connection with the X-Mode Site and the Services as follows: Browser Settings.

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You may control how your browser responds to cookies by adjusting the privacy and security settings of your web browser. Interest-Based Advertising Opt-Out. EEA and Swiss residents, please refer to www. We provide the above information because — although our services are not focused on cookie-based advertising — we may work with companies to target ads for our own services such as to retarget Visitors of our own website.


You may limit the disclosure of certain Information by your mobile device to us and Publishers by adjusting the settings on your mobile Device. Our Promotional Emails. Please note, however, that we may still send you non-promotional, transactional or service-related emails about your relationship with us. International Transfers. The legal basis for us processing your Personal Data for the purposes set out in Sections 2 and 3 above and Section 5 as to our corporate customer data will typically be because: You provided your consent.

In order to provide our services that involve use of precise location information related to other Personal Data, and to store and gain access to information stored on your device such as Device IDs , we rely on your consent.

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We may choose to obtain consent in other cases as well, in which case we will adhere to applicable laws relating to such consent and its withdrawal. We also seek to obtain consent for certain partners with whom we work, who are often independent data controllers. We list these partners in our List of Partners, below. The processing is in our legitimate interest.

In some cases, we use legitimate interest as a legal basis for processing Personal Data.

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We rely on legitimate interest when we use Personal Data to maintain the security of our services, such as to detect fraud or to ensure that bugs are detected and fixed. Contractual Relationships. Sometimes, we process certain data as necessary under a contractual relationship we have such as our customer records and contact information ; Legal Obligations. Finally, some processing of data may be necessary for us to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations.